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Jane Weierbach, Ph.D.

Coaching Guides:

1.  What Is Stress?

2.  Become Your Own Coach

     The Power of the Breath

     Visualization: The Power of Imagination

3.  Choose Your Behavior

4.  Talk Positively to Yourself

5.  Focus on Now

6.  On Your Own:  Coach Yourself to Handle Stress

Tuck is stressed out. His parents are divorced, he misses his father, and he has moved to a new house and school. When he decides to try out for the school basketball team, the neighborhood boys won’t let him use “their” court to practice.

With so many challenges, Tuck has a difficult time feeling confident and dealing with his upsets. Then Walton shows up.  Taking on the role of coach, Walton teaches Tuck not only how to play better basketball, but also how to manage his anxiety and self-doubt. Soon Tuck feels in control of his life and focuses his energy on what he loves most…basketball!

By Jane Weierbach, Ph.D. & Elizabeth Phillips-Hershey, Ph.D. 

Chapter titles:

1.  Can Things Get Any Worse?

2.  Take A Basketball Breath

3.  Keep Your Cool

4.  Tune Your Mind Like A Radio

5.  Bring Your A-Game

6.  Stick To Your Game Plan

Mind Over Basketball: Coach Yourself to Handle Stress is published by Magination Press, a division of American Psychological Association Press, 2008.  It can be ordered from,, and other reputable on-line booksellers.

Hardcover: $14.95   ISBN 978-1-4338-0135-8  Item # 441B006

Paperback: $8.95   ISBN 978-1-4338-0136-5   Item # 441B007

Using a positive, interactive, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction approach, this book includes a high-interest chapter book and informative coaching guides with skills-training exercises for readers ages 8 to 14.

Mindfulness and cognitive skills included are designed to teach kids to focus on now, use the breath to keep their cool, make choices that work, focus on the things that deserve attention, re-direct worries, and use rational and positive self-talk.

Ideal for use with kids by parents, teachers, therapists, guidance counselors, and coaches, this book can be used as a text for small groups, classrooms, and counseling sessions.

Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Juvenile Fiction (Silver)

National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA), Honors