Jane Weierbach, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy Services for Adults are provided in the comfortable, confidential setting of Dr. Jane Weierbach’s office in Lancaster, PA.  Many of these services are covered by health insurance, including Medicare. Individuals and families facing stressful transitions such as separation, divorce, blending families, re-location, job changes, and loss are welcome. 

Other challenges which provide an opportunity to teach coping skills include:

Generalized anxiety including obsessive worry, rumination, panic

• Social anxiety and social skills challenges
• Sleep issues and mood disorders

• Chronic pain, illness
• Recovery from abuse, trauma
• Death of loved one, loss, grief
• Diagnosis of mental health or learning issues in family member
• Parenting of exceptional children, regardless of age         
• Something is out of balance, but I
m not sure what is?

Adults with a variety of exceptional learning, behavioral, and emotional needs are welcome, including:
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD)
• Verbal/nonverbal learning differences
• Expressive/receptive language conditions
• Physical mobility challenges – wheelchair accessible 
• Hearing loss including deafness and hard-of-hearing – Dr. Weierbach is experienced in American Sign Language and other manual communication methods

Dr. Weierbach honors various cultural, ethnic, spiritual, religious, and gender identity backgrounds. She customizes the therapeutic approach to meet individual and family needs. These effective approaches include:
• Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy
• Mindfulness-based cognitive psychotherapy
• Mindfulness-based stress reduction
• Solution-focused and strategic family therapy
• Behavior management consultation for parents